Born in Turin in 1960 but I’ve been living in Florence since more than 40 years. I’ve graduated from IPA Saffi in Florence (maybe now you’re thinking: what does it have to do the hotellerie school with photography and graphics ... well, it does... believe me!!)

During my whole life I’ve been doing so many different jobs because, you know, "you need to eat"... but photography is my real passion, since when I was a child (I still remember my first Polaroid!) and advertising graphics too (during the school I was the one who prepared any banner or flyer to advertise extra-scholastic events... freehand...)

Thanks to an important graphic studio, I’ve experienced a lot in graphics and technology sector and realized many important projects.

Thanks to Facebook I made myself known and that was the way to obtein my first "engagements", starting from wedding to advertising photoshoots.

I love travelling and my Sony Alpha 7iii is my travelling mate: every now and then I discover an emotion, a face, a glimpse that I would capture at any cost.